• 2017 Membership Goal 67%
  • Campaign Hours for 4th Quarter 25%
  • Events per year 10%

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Join Us for Our Scholarship Dinner and Fundraiser!

It’s Scholarship Time! Are you coming to our biggest event of the year?!? In case you didn’t hear, we’re giving away almost $14,000 to SEVEN wonderful young ladies this year. We kindly request that you RSVP by Friday, April 7, 2017. We don’t want anybody going hungry, now do we? Oh! And we almost forgot! NO CHICKEN!!!

You’ll notice that our tickets have a tiered system, so it pays to bring your friends! The more people in your party, the cheaper your ticket! So don’t come all by your lonesome; bring a friend! Also, no more pesky fees for purchasing online! RSVP Below!

  • Table for 8: $55/ticket
  • Half Table: $60/ticket
  • Single Ticket: $65/ticket

Individuals and businesses play a key role in the success of our scholarship fundraising efforts. We need your support in providing wine bottles for the “Wine Wall,” spreading the word to purchase tickets, and getting sponsorships!

Meet Our Recipients

Can We Count on You to Be There?

We hope to underwrite the entire event’s expenses AND scholarship funds! Any additional funds generated from this event will be used to fund future scholarships, donations towards organizations that we support such as Frisco Reach Out, Samaritan’s Inn, Boys and Girls Club, Wreaths Across America, Polar Express, Republican campaigns, and club activities.


Sharon Day

Keynote Speaker
Former Co-Chairman, RNC


Allie Beth Stuckey

Guest Speaker
The Conservative Millennial Blogger


Myers Jackson

Celebrity Auctioneer
from Texas Flip n’ Move