Legislative Process 101

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by Kimberly Provance - VP Legislation   On January 18, 2019, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick named 14 Republicans and two Democrats chairs of the Senate’s 16 committees, meaning no gains for the chamber’s minority party despite an increase in the number of committees. ( this is great news to help keep [...]

RWGNT to Purchase Tables at the Lincoln Day Dinners for Collin and Denton Counties

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The RWGNT will purchase a table at both the upcoming Collin and Denton County dinners. Please contact Tanya Deiter if you would like to have a seat at our tables. The Collin County dinner is on March 30, 2019 (changed from February 16, 2019) Speaker is Congressman Dan Crenshaw, [...]

With critical election year ahead, Texas Republican women convene in Dallas

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Originally published by: Gromer Jeffers Jr., Political Writer at The Dallas Morning News, October 2017. Republicans have dominated Texas politics for 22 years, winning every statewide office and shaping the state's conservative policies. It's hard to imagine any of that electoral success without the effort of Republican women, who with their [...]

The Dream is Real

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An Open Letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates By: Jason D. Hill September 2017 Dear Ta-Nehisi Coates: I read your book Between the World and Me, an elegant and poetic elegy written to your son on “the question,” as you put it, “of how one should live within a black body, within a country [...]

Congratulations to the TFRW Slate of Officers 2018-2019!

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Announcing the Slate of Officers 2018-2019 Delegates to the 31st Biennial Convention will elect TFRW's officers for the 2018-2019 term. In accordance with the TFRW Bylaws [Article XI], the 2017 Nominating Committee, elected by the TFRW Board of Directors, has unanimously nominated the following Slate of Officers to serve the Texas [...]

Party at the Circle R Ranch

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The below information was submitted by the V. for Congress Campaign. RSVP by clicking here: This is not an endorsement of RWGNT, its President or its Campaign Activities Chairman. Candidate information is to help you make an informed decision and get involved with the candidate of your choice. Political [...]

You up for a free lunch on Wednesday, June 7?

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The above information was submitted by the Phillip Huffines Campaign. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Jaime Newman by email at or by phone at 214-597-5764. This is not an endorsement of RWGNT, its President or its Campaign Activities Chairman. Candidate information is to help you make an informed decision [...]

Immediate Volunteer Opportunities!

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Municipal campaign season is in full swing! Running a campaign takes many, many man hours, so it's the PERFECT time to start racking up those volunteer hours! Time spent making phone calls, block walking, sending emails, and poll greeting, as well as the time spent traveling to and from campaign activities counts towards your [...]