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Trump’s Syria plan reveals a master strategist in the White House

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By: Richard Jack Rail- AMERICAN THINKER It's just too delicious.  President Trump ordered U.S. special forces out of Syria to a chorus of howling Democrats and all the old, experienced hands at State and, supposedly, the military.  (I had doubts as well.)  Democrats yelled that all hell was about to break loose.  The Pentagon [...]

BOMBSHELL: Mattis Says Obama Refused To Respond To Iran’s ‘Act Of War’ Because Of Nuclear Deal

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By: Ashe Schow- The Daily Wire In a new book, former Defense Secretary James Mattis takes the Obama administration to task for its weak response to the growing threat of the Iranian regime. One bombshell included in the book is the Obama administration’s tepid response to what Mattis referred to [...]

How One California Marxist Is Indoctrinating Millions of School Children

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BY: TREVOR LOUDON- THE EPOCH TIMES Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is coming for your children. Not content with taking over school boards and sending comrades into the teaching profession, the United States’ largest Marxist group is also writing the textbooks your children study. California DSA member Duane Campbell helped write the new [...]

Google Engineer Leaks Nearly 1,000 Internal Documents, Alleging Bias, Censorship

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BY PETR SVAB: The Epoch Times- A former Google engineer has released nearly 1,000 documents that he says prove that the company, at least in some of its products, secretly boosts or demotes content based on what it deems to be true or false, while publicly claiming to be a neutral platform. The [...]

Colombia’s Warring Gangs Target Migrants at Venezuelan Border; Peace Process Stutters

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BY LUKE TAYLOR; THE EPOCH TIMES-   The Colombian government’s failure to fill a void left by Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels, who demobilized in 2016, is causing a spike in human rights abuses as armed gangs jostle for control of land on the Colombia–Venezuela border, Human Rights Watch said in a report [...]