RWGNT 2021 Caring for America Projects

1st quarter project:

Simply Grace exists to provide a safe, structured environment to assist women recovering from substance abuse, help to rebuild their lives, and achieve long term  recovery. They help women of all ages to be able to reconnect with their families. They have a thrift store that benefits their homes. We can donate our gently used clothes, purses, decorations, kitchen supplies, etc. The women get vouchers to shop for new clothes and items to get them ready for their new life.

2nd quarter project:

Foster Friends of Collin County. They need about 600 pairs of assorted closed-toe school-appropriate shoes for both genders, sizes toddler through adult.  They are hopeful to be able to distribute the shoes at the annual Back to School Fair in Plano this August.

4th quarter project:

The mission of City House is to protect, empower, and transform the lives of at-risk children, youth, and young adults suffering from  abuse, neglect, and homelessness. More details to follow later in the 2021.

RWGNT Supports Veterans Center of North Texas
RWGNT Supports Veterans Center of North Texas

Serving Veterans Center of North Texas

Our Caring for America project for the Veterans Center of North Texas required our RWGNT members to donate gas and fast food meal gift cards. The Veterans Center of North Texas then passes out these gift card donations to their veterans as needed. These gift cards provide Veterans fuel for their cars to get to job interviews and to have a meal out as a family. They were so excited and appreciative to receive our gift cards!

Frisco Police Department

RWGNT Backs the Blue in Frisco

In light of all the negative attention towards our Police offers in 2020, RWGNT decided to say thank you to our local Frisco Police Department. For our Back the Blue Fundraiser RWGNT members donated money to feed the Frisco Police Officers. We fed them for 2 shifts on a fall Sunday. It was an amazing experience to sit with our Police Officers and hear how they feel being supported by their community. They were fed very well. We provided racks of ribs, brats, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and cookies. These wonderful servants of our city were so humble and appreciative!

RWGNT Backs the Blue
RWGNT Backs the Blue
RWGNT Backs the Blue